I feel privileged to write about Azam and her shop. Azam has cut my hair since I relocated to Northern Virginia in 2001. While at my last place a residence I could never find a talented hairdresser that could cut my hair to my expectations. Azam has exceeded my expectations as I continue to get stopped on a regular basis in the mall or elsewhere asking who cuts my hair. Her shop is a restful place where you feel comfortable like being with a group of your friends. - Laura    

I have known Azam Salem for nearly fifteen years. She is a successful business woman who has operated the TownCenter Hair Salon in Sterling, Virginia, during most of the years I have known her. During the time I served as Secretary of Defense, Azam cut my hair and, as confirmation of the trust placed in her, did not have to have a security team to monitor her at any time. She is one of the most considerate and responsible individuals that I know and consider her a personal friend. I hope you will extend to Azam every consideration. - William    

When we moved here from California one of the things we missed most was our hair stylist. We had over 15 years with ours. We tried many shops for several months and finally found the person we were searching for. Over the years we have built a great relationship and always completely satisfied with her skills. The shop is bright and clean with a comfortable atmosphere. We highly recommend you give her a try, you will be truly happy with the results.. - Carla    

Azam has been my hair stylist for the last 30 years. I appreciate her professional skills so much that I willingly travel 25 miles for an appointment with her every three weeks. - Don    


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